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IG @Lgnwvr

Yo.  I'm Logan.  Welcome to my site.  Take your time -- there is much to see.   I am a Denver and LA based photographer with extensive experience in commercial, editorial, and lifestyle photography and fillmmaking.  


I have had the pleasure of working with incredible brands such as Rolex, Maker's Mark, Yeezy, BMW, Brixton, DewTour, and Nike to name a few.  I have also been lucky enough to capture many shorts, commercial videos, weddings, documentary-style films, and important stories in people's lives.  I have a gift for storytelling and a flair for the unique.  

In addition to content creation, LGNWVR specializes in digital marketing, SEO, and social media management to help take you or your brand to the next level.  We offer 1 on 1 coaching and I strategies to exponentially increase your brand awareness, audience, and engagement.

I am immediately available for worldwide hire.

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